Online Training Courses To Develop Job Application Skills

Job Application Training That Works

Criterial offers a range of online training courses specifically focused on helping you to develop government selection criteria writing and job application skills. 

The skills begin at understanding the position description and the organisation so you can frame yourself as the best fit for their culture and values. Training moves through writing your selection criteria response with the STAR model and giving you a simple structure for framing your responses that will make it easy for you to write, and, for the reader to understand your example.

Having a strong selection criteria response is not just about writing well, but also knowing the things that you have done in your career that show a potential employer your skills.  

Our flagship course 'How To Write Selection Criteria' will take you through a step by step process to write a winning job application.

We have courses that cover how to highlight work experience examples from your career on your resume that showcase your skills at their best so you are prepared for any job application and interview you will ever do.

Our courses give you behind the scenes perspectives of what it is like to run a recruitment exercise so you can make yourself easy to pick.

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More courses I'm working on...

  • Your first job experience

    Translating your first casual job experience into relevant professional examples is not as hard as you might imagine. This course will take you from "I just worked at Woolies as a casual" to using that experience to show examples of planning, communication, conflict resolution and other skills you may need to demonstrate.

  • STAR Method

    The STAR method course will be a mini course from the flagship "Completing Selection Criteria" course. You can get an idea what this course will focus on by reading this blog.