Be confident in writing your next job application

  • Understand the position description

    Position descriptions can seem confusing and like they have a lot of irrelevant information and fluff. Learn to read, understand and identify key elements you need to include in your response.

  • Learn the STAR/SAO Model

    Give your response structure and make yourself easy to select for interview by using the STAR model.

  • Know the panel

    Learn what it's like to be on a panel and use that information to your advantage to make it easy for the panel to pick you for interview.

  • Know your Career

    Take the time to think across your career about all the things you have done which show the skills you have; then catalogue them so you can use them in future.

  • Translate Your Experience

    Trying to move from a service environment into civilian roles? Learn how to translate your experience so it makes sense.


Real people, real reviews

Rimmy G.

Government Key Selection Criteria

Rimmy G.

I completed his short online course on how to address KSC. Through the completion of the course and Richard’s assistance I no longer feel daunted about addressing KSC. This has been an empowering experience. Many thanks.
Lauree G.

Selection criteria for Qld government job

Lauree G.

Highly recommend Richard - he provided quick and valuable feedback on my selection criteria. I completed his two courses he offers online which were quick and very useful - i feel so much more confident in addressing the criteria and even feel more confident about interviews!
Bee A.

QLD Health Resume Revamp and cover letter needed

Bee A.

Richard was so helpful in walking me step by step through the process of applying for a government position. He gave me regular and continual feedback and helped me to understand any problems I was having. He was happy to answer questions and very prompt in his replies, also keeping me up to date with when he could get back to me and sticking to that. I would work with Richard again in an instant and highly recommend his services. This was not just a task completed but a really enjoyable learning experience for me. Thank you Richard!”
Holly W.

Help me with a written job application

Holly W.

“Richard was very helpful in helping me interpret the selection criteria so that I could tailor my responses. He also provided lots of feedback and comments on my cover letter and resume. I now have a very polished job application that I'll be able to use now and into the future. I'm very happy with the service provided, thank you Richard!”
P J.

Address KSC

P J.

“There are only 5 stars to rate this. I wish I could have more to rate Richard for all his guidance, patience and help for addressing the KSC for a job in Public Sector. His patience and knowledge is very rare and very genuine. He is very quick with his review and very detailed in his feedback. He gave me all the time I asked for and was very respectful for my opinions and ideas. I will definitely recommend him for addressing the KSC task and will not hesitate to contact him if require for another KSC task. Thank you, Richard. You are awesome.”
Savvy S.

KSC for Senior Analyst

Savvy S.

“Richard is amazing, has extensive experience & thorough knowledge of the subject. He explained the whole process clearly and wrote descriptive notes on how to interpret KSC, how to write responses and examples. Would highly recommend him for similar jobs. Thanks again.”
Hayley M.

Government Job Cover Letter Application

Hayley M.

I didn't realise how off the mark i actually was with my answers until Richard steered me clear into the right direction. His online course for selection criteria is also a hidden gem and it helped me greatly. Thanks for your help mate.
Benjamin H.

IT Business Analyst Selection Criteria

Benjamin H.

“An absolute master in what he does, incredibly helpful, always punctual and polite. Would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.”
Fraser M

NSW Gov Resume, Cover Letter and 2 Target Question

Fraser M

"Richard is very understanding and eager to help, as stated on his page his whole philosophy is to give you the tools needed for success long term and not just a quick fix for 1 particular application or role. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone regardless of your background or experience level"
Dehlia M.

Key Selection Criteria Help!

Dehlia M.

“Richard was a god send! Gave me pointers and tips on reading PD’s and how to apply into the KSC - done so much more than writing them for me would have, he’s given me the skills to write my own! I have a job interview on Thursday - the rest is all me 🙂 Patient, efficient, thorough and friendly! Highly recommend him! Thanks so much Richard for your help”

Get the skills now...

Easy, short, self paced online courses developed by an experienced professional giving you practical hints and tips you can actually apply.

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Curing the job application headache...

If you find job applications and selection criteria confusing, daunting or overwhelming, here are some questions you can ask yourself to think about why that is. 

  • Has anyone ever taught you step by step how to read, interpret and identify the key items you need to include in your response?
  • Has anyone ever taught you how to write and structure your response so the panel finds you easy to pick?
  • Have you ever considered what it is like to be on a selection panel and applied those ideas to make yourself easy to pick?

Did you answer no to any or all of those questions? 

It's no wonder you find it hard. Take this simple five lesson course and build all of those skills to make your next job application the best you have submitted and get that interview.


  • Richard Branch

    Richard Branch

    I am a senior government manager (a hiring manager) who has been recruiting for 20 years. I've read thousands of applications, and learned a thing or two while doing it. You get all that experience in a few practical courses. My own career journey has spanned being a social welfare officer, police officer, IT account manager, IT system support manager, analyst and now manager of a big data analysis team. How? By knowing how to write responses to selection criteria and apply my relevant experience.

Why Criterial?

Selection panels actually want to see you at your best. They want to know what skills you bring and make a decision to find the best person they can for the job.

I want to pass on my experience to you so next time you apply for a job you can show yourself at your best.

Who I am not:

  • I am not a 'HR' person. HR people generally aren't on selection panels.

  • I am not a ghost writer. I cannot and will not "write your answers for you" because I can't. Why can't I? Because I don't know your experience or your examples.

My two aims:

  1. To teach you to write selection criteria responses yourself, and,

  2. To get you an interview; not just apply for a job.

Where did these online courses come from?

  • After many years assisting people on AirTasker to improve their selection criteria, I've formatted all the advice into a comprehensive, complete, all in one online course that's easy to read, digest and apply.

Coming Soon

More courses I'm working on...

  • Your first job experience

    Translating your first casual job experience into relevant professional examples is not as hard as you might imagine. This course will take you from "I just worked at Woolies as a casual" to using that experience to show examples of planning, communication, conflict resolution and other skills you may need to demonstrate.